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Most Common Questions about SILVERBACK Carburetors

  1. (1 What size CFM carb is correct for my application?

There is a simple formula used in the industry that is a good starting point. (Cubic inch of engine times maximum RPM’s/3456 = the maximum CFM needed.

For a more accurate calculation, multiply that number by the engine’s efficiency. Street engines are around 85% efficient, Street/Strip engines are around 90% efficient and a professional built Race engines are 100% efficient or higher.

Example: (350 CI x 7000 RPM/ 3456 = 708 max CFM required) multiply that by your engines efficiency %, to get the most accurate CFM setup. Example: 708 CFM x 90% Street/Strip = 637 CFM needed.

Fortunately for you, the SILVERBACK carb fits all applications from 500 CFM to 850 CFM with “easy incremental changes” in minutes. (much like an internal throttle stop)

It’s like purchasing 8-10 carbs in one package! “One” SILVERBACK carb body offers sizes from 500/550/600/650/700/750/800/850. This easy adjustment allows you to “find the ideal CFM rating” of your engine, and it also allows you to use this innovative carb for many other applications in the future as well. It is universal in its design.

The CFM changes can be accomplished in a few minutes by removing the two top cover screws and replacing the threaded needle clicker adjuster, which is the throttle stop to limit your desired CFM. You will be amazed when you hit the “perfect” CFM that your engine wants. Most engines will see 300-1200 more RPM’s than your traditional old-school carbs will allow it to run. Make sure your valve train can handle the extra RPM. The SILVERBACK carb has the ability to release potential that you’ve never dreamed possible inside your engine. It’s truly innovative in many ways, very simple for the end user as well!

350 CID (See Example Below)


6000 RPM/Street Strip Engine

Approx CFM needed













RPM / Carb CFM Needed















**Efficiency level of your engine has a final determining factor on the “ultimate” carb size. One can probably assume that 60-75% of applications are using “too large of a carb” to be ideal for their engine needs.

With the SILVERBACK carb, you literally have many carb sizes in one carb body which allows you to test for the ideal CFM and RPM needs of your engine. This carb has the potential to work well on engines ranging from 300 HP to 1000 HP applications, with the proper internal fuel recipe, and that recipe is determined by CID, RPM, and approximate HP ratings. This carb offers that much flexibility. Simply amazing!

  1. 2)How easy is a SILVERBACK carb to tune?

Realistically, it’s as easy as turning the water faucet off and on. All external fuel adjustments are made in seconds using your fingers or a flat blade screwdriver, whichever you prefer. Each adjuster is featured with its own “detented clicker mechanism” for quick and easy, external adjustments. Click in for less fuel, or click out for more fuel. It’s really that simple!

The SILVERBACK carb will arrive on your doorsteps “setup for your application” based on the parameters that you or your engine builder supplied us about your engine. You will receive a detailed carb “setup sheet” that supplies you our installed fuel recipe, along with our charted clicker adjustment positions. Keep that information handy as a base setting, and if you find some adjustments that are more ideal for your application, you can keep them noted as well. Our “instruction sheets” that come with the carb with give you detailed information on how easy the carb tunes.

After installing the carb and checking all parameters on the instruction sheet, start the engine and set the ideal idle RPM for your application with the angled slide adjusting screw. Warm the engine up to operating temps, then slightly throttle up the engine and listen to the tone and response. Now it’s time for you to make small adjustments to familiarize yourself with this unique product and its easy adjustability.

You will hear, feel and see changes that your small adjustments do for your engine. This is why it’s fun and exciting to make adjustments, because the engine will communicate with you and respond to your changes. You will always have the option to go back to base settings, so have no fear factor. Remember, it’s really as simple as turning the water faucet off and on, and you can go back to “base settings” in seconds, so feel free to explore the possibilities.

This carb literally talks to you when you make simple changes, so enjoy its many scientific solutions to so many age-old carburetion issues, along with simple “easy to use” tuning mechanisms. SILVERBACK has now made carburetors your #1 choice again…Enjoy!

  1. 3)Will the SILVERBACK Carb allow my engine to run better?

Yes, a whole lot better! The SILVERBACK carb will put excitement and life back into your engine. These futuristic designs provide incredible shaping, maximum flow, superb fuel vaporization, which all help your engine run at its maximum potential. If your engine is in good condition, this carb will offer potential that you have not seen before.

A quality induction system can make all the difference in the world on how your whole engine package comes together. We are providing the best technologies that are available on the market, and that allows your engine to perform at its highest levels! You will be impressed!!!

  1. 4)With all this power gain, how will it affect my fuel mileage?

Surprisingly, most street applications that we have tested, we have seen our testers get reasonably good gains in mileage, as well as providing them a “ton of fun”. While your overall mileage may be increased per gallon, we can assure you that you will spend more money overall on fuel.

And why is that, because literally, the excitement value is so high, you will want to be driving it every were you go. Seriously, it will make you feel young again! Sorry, we just wanted you to know!

5) How does the SILVERBACK carb compare to EFI with Temp and Altitude compensation?

We have found simple, scientific solutions to “mechanically compensate” for those daily changes. We’ve designed our system to deal with the issues through a mechanical means so you “don’t” have to consider EFI to have those features.

With EFI, you have many other issues to worry about, like computer failures, wire problems, injection issues, sensor malfunctions, ECU tuning and high pressure fuel pumps, etc, along with the many warranty issues that can associate with all those components.

Above and beyond those possible issues, you have high costs on the front end, but even more importantly, add on labor (more costs) to install all the components needed to convert to EFI. Those include wiring, sensors, high pressure fuel pumps, possibly inside your fuel tank, extra fuel filters, etc. They make it sound EZ, but it’s more likely that 10-20+ hours later you can turn the key and hope it was all done to spec, with so many areas of possible issues that can arise. OR…

Bolt your new SILVERBACK carb on in 10 minutes, hook up your fuel lines and throttle cable and enjoy BIG POWER and feel the RUSH of PERFORMANCE that will excite you forever. That will make it real EZ for you to forget about all those other possible EFI headaches… SILVERBACK delivers the best of both worlds!!! Performance and Simplicity! Hands down…

SILVERBACK makes your life “so much simpler” by offering you the many attributes of EFI, such as incredible fuel vaporization, temp sensing, altitude compensating, but even more importantly, we provide you with a ton more fun and way more “POWER” than any other carb or EFI system. Period! And to boot, you have total control of your tuning in seconds with your fingers. It’s really that EZ…

  1. 6)How does the SILVERBACK carb compare in design and function to traditional old-school carbs?

Really, it doesn’t in any way, shape or form! Traditional old-school carbs were born over 60+ years ago and traditional technologies haven’t changed much since then. Traditional carbs are reasonably “inexpensive cast designs”, a product that fits the budget-minded individual that is willing to accept its old-school technologies, which are very aged in design, performance and quality

SILVERBACK Carbs literally “reinvented the wheel” in the world of carburetion. We didn’t want to just design another inexpensive carb. This “futuristic carb design” was developed over a period of four years and four prototype designs and lots of testing. It was strictly engineered to deliver the best product that “money could buy”!!! It was also designed to deliver performance and features that “have no equal”, along with beauty and quality, unlike any other.

This is a “Ferrari of a carb”, and yes it costs like one as well, but delivers over 25 features that traditional old-school carbs don’t offer. And yes, it is worth every penny! See our “US vs. THEM” page on our website for more details on these incredible “patent pending” features.

These carbs will “easily out-perform” any other carb or EFI Systems on the market. SILVERBACK carbs are machined from billet blocks of hi-quality aluminum and anodized for life-time durability. Our float bowl “fuel containment area” is machined from expensive Delrin billet blocks for maximum heat resistance as well.

This is the “Beauty and the Beast” all wrapped up in one “SEMA” Award Winning design. Remember the old saying “What is Cheap, is not Good – What is Good, is not Cheap.” It definitely applies here!

There is a reason the judges at the 2014 SEMA Show voted SILVERBACK CARBS the “Best New Performance Racing Product of the Year” for 2015 and then backed that up with a “Runner Up in Best Engineered New Product” as well. That is a real honor! SEMA and its judges, we thank you very much!!!

*Note: Nearly 2000 new products were entered to be judged for the SEMA New Product Awards. Winners were selected based on a variety of factors that included design, quality, innovation, technology, costs, marketability and consumer appeal.

Wow that’s incredible, we were told it is the first time in Sema’s long history that a new company was awarded “2 of the Highest Honors” that are given out. That is a very “positive statement and recognition” of the relentless hours that we put into these futuristic carb designs over the last 4 years of design, engineering, prototyping, testing, testing and more testing. Yes it was relentless work, but the product provides super hi-end quality, incredible performance, and sexy good looks that literally stop everyone in their tracks… This is the real deal! SILVERBACK is here to impress “YOU”!!!

Last but not least, some food for thought! Do the other traditional “inexpensive carb” manufactures offer “any of these” high quality features and futuristic designs, and then back it with a 5 year warranty as well. Of course not, that’s why their inexpensive. Now you get it!

7) Is the SILVERBACK carburetor delivered setup for my application?

SILVERBACK carbs are individually tuned per application. They are setup based on the engine parameters that was supplied to us from you, or your engine builder. The carb comes with extra idle jets, extra Power Valve jets, and Power Valve springs as well, to tune pop-off pressures when driving aggressively. We also supply 3 additional internal throttle return springs with different rates for foot pedal pressure, to please everyone’s individual tastes in pedal pressure.

On top of that, the carb body also allows for fine tuning the pedal pressure thru our “vacuum assisted” slide mechanism with a detented clicker. It’s much like the Intelli bed that lets you tune to your individual liking and feel with a quick external adjustment.

When changing the carb to another application in the future that is quite different in nature, please contact us about getting a different set of needles. That is to provide you the “ideal fuel recipe” for that application. The carb body is very flexible to many applications, just the fuel curves need to be addressed for those major changes in power differences. The needles, which carry the fuel recipes, are easily removed and re-installed in minutes.

We do offer a “free exchange” on fuel tuning needles for 90 days after purchase. The 2 needles provide 90% of your fuel requirements, so they are a very important tuning tool. Extra needles can be purchased for tuning and returned for a refund, or exchanged, after testing is completed. These needles are an EDM cut design and have exact dimensions as close as 1/10th of a thousandth. (.0001) That kind of quality provides for consistent fuel recipes that are repeatable.

8) How does the SILVERBACK carb provide better traction control than any traditional carb?

There are a handful of reasons why the SILVERBACK carb provide superior traction over traditional carbs. First and foremost, our design offers a “super-smooth linear transition” from bottom to top in its throttle opening area. In other words, it has a V- shaped transition, starting small at the bottom for incredible throttle response, and continuing larger to the top, for a super-smooth transition from bottom to top.

A couple of other unique SILVERBACK design features provide “incredibly lofted” and “managed air flow” with the help of our patent pending “Vortex Controllers” and “Laminar Flow Power Bars”. These features take total control of the air and shaped it ideally down into its unique Venturi area. We have machined the outside wall surfaces to act much like the “dimpled golf ball” treatment, to excite the “dead laminar flow” along the outside walls. We have optimized every little detail on all surfaces, and pushed mother earth (Science) to her limits!

On top of all these super high end designs, we also have a “mechanical traction control device” on our unique compound bow-designed throttle Cam. It provides a “tunable leverage device” that manages how quickly the slide opens. In other words, you can tune it to react super fast for Drag racing, or slow it way down for Rock Climbing, and some were in between for Street or Strip use. If you have a high horsepower Strip car, and you want to Street drive it right after you race it, you can change its settings very quickly. This also works well for an oval racer, whether dirt or asphalt, when the track gets slippery, and you need to find traction, this is another tuning device that provides you an advantage over your competition, beyond all the other unique parameters we offer.

I’m sure you are aware how traditional 4 barrels “kick in”, so I won’t bore you in trying to explain that mechanical “disadvantage” compared to the new smoother, much quicker SILVERBACK carb.

All these unique features add up to better traction and control, as well as, way better tire life. All these sweet features will provide you advantages all race long, but what will be most noticeable is that at the end of the race, you will have much better tire life and traction, than your competition.

So at the end of the day, you will have superior control, better finishes, less costs and more Championships. What more can we say! Take control and WIN more often!!!

Team SILVERBACK is here to impress you and supply you with quality race products that deliver incredible performance, while providing you with superior traction, and to boot, you will also bonus with, better engine life and carburetor reliability!

9) Will the SILVERBACK carbs handle alcohol and salt water better than traditional carbs?

Yes, it will for a few reasons. Most of our large carb parts are manufactured with high quality 6061 billet aluminum and “anodized” to protect the outside surfaces. The internal movable slide is made of super tough 7075 billet aluminum and is “hard-coat” anodized, and has an additional Teflon coating impregnated to its surface as well.

The lower float bowls are machined from an expensive billet Delrin blocks to provide maximum protection from heat and to withstand all fuels. There are “no gaskets” to worry about, it utilizes o-rings designed to handle all fuels. The o-ring grooves are dovetailed machined to hold the o-rings intact when disassembling for cleaning or servicing. Literally, you can take this carb apart in about a minute, and put it back together in two. It’s that simple!

All the small parts and springs are manufactured from hi quality stainless steel to withstand harsh conditions and long life. These are some of the reasons we can offer a 5 year warranty when other “inexpensive” carb manufactures offer 90 days to 1 year, and to racers, they offer no warranty at all… It’s okay, we got your backs, racing or not, your warranty is covered. WE believe in our Quality!

10) What makes the SILVERBACK float bowl so unique in its design?

The float bowl is really were “all the action is” inside a carburetor. Traditional old-school float bowls are “half full of gas” and “half full of air”, and when they are put in adverse conditions like G-forcing, jumping and bumping, and crazy angles, they are out of their realm in design limitations.

First and foremost, when fuel passes thru a small orifice like a pressurized needle and seat, it will be frothed and aerated. Not ideal for any consistency in tuning. Secondly, when adverse conditions cause the fuel to slosh around, it will “uncover jets”, as well as get more air added to its viscosity. Jets are sized for a solid liquid fuel, not fuel that is contaminated with air, which completely downplays any consistency in tuning.

Unfortunately, most traditional carbs don’t deal with fuel contamination thru its pressurized fuel inlet, or bogging from adverse conditions, or with adverse angles uncovering jets. Then add engine vibration as well, with more frothing of the fuel, and you have all kinds of issues going on, and that makes it’s difficult to sort your problems out. We have found solutions to deal with all these issues, and a ton more effectively than traditional carbs, hence the SILVERBACK carb is “ready to impress”.

First we “strain the fuel” after it passes thru the pressurized needle and seat area, to remove all aeration from the fuel and “turn it back to a liquid”. Once it gets into the bowl area, we now take control of it and capture it in a “containment chamber” filled with “military grade 15 year spec foam”. The containment chamber and the foam, keep it from getting “sloshed and airborne” again. The military spec foam also helps to cancel frothing derived from engine vibrations.

We take “total control” of the fuel, unlike traditional designs, to maintain consistency in tuning and provide the ultimate in performance and reliability. On the fuel side, control and management are the key to success!

Another unique feature about our fuel, it is super vaporized, which helps “reduce” engine vibrations substantially, which ultimately provides much longer engine and chassis life as well. Seriously!

We use .145 racing needle and seats to provide maximum flow, and we have designed the pivot point to provide maximum leverage to support low pressures as well as high pressures. You can choose anywhere between 4 lbs. to 12 lbs. of fuel pressure. We do recommend that you use a “return line” back to the tank for trouble-free consistency. We use Edelbrock’s brass floats because they offer a good quality product that everyone is familiar with, and can be purchased at any local NAPA or Auto Zone store.

Our float bowl design is not fussy to float bowl fuel height which simplifies a lot of things. We offer dual fuel inlets, dual floats, as well as dual needle and seats for anyone with a hi-performance engine, above 550 HP. Our dual inlet float bowl utilizes a 25% larger bowl, and is designed in all areas, to handle the worst of conditions.

For the full-on race guys, we offer extended bowls for guys making over 800 HP and offer super-sized bowls for the methanol users as well. Our float bowls use no gaskets, just o-rings suited for all fuels. They have dove tail machined grooves to fully support the o-ring as well as keep it intact during disassembly.

Our goal was to deliver quality solutions to all float bowl issues. Period! We hope you and your engine will get to appreciate our extra efforts!

11) Why is the SILVERBACK carb so expensive?

This is Technology at its Finest, we spared no cost! When SILVERBACK decided to build the ultimate street and race carb, our goal was to find scientific solutions to traditional old-school carbs deficiencies, and to do it without managements cost cutting decisions. We chose not to use cheap inexpensive castings or any existing old-school designs, along with their outdated technologies.

Instead the SILVERBACK carb was designed from the ground up, specifically for the true car enthusiast that appreciates new technologies, and for the serious racer that wants maximum performance, quality and reliability far advanced above all. With these new futuristic carb designs, SILVERBACK has literally “re-invented the wheel” in the world of carburetion.

It “was not” our goal to compete with traditional old-school carb manufactures, or with their pricing structures. You really can’t compare 60 year old Volkswagon technology, to our new Ferrari-like quality and innovations. SILVERBACK maximized all technical advancements, to achieve the highest standards.

Setting our goal for maximum performance and the highest quality standards was #1 on our list of achievements. We have no equals in Performance, Quality, POWER and Sexy good looks, just providing you the best technology money can buy!!! Then we back it with a 5 year warranty, not the traditional 90 day warranties of most carb manufactures, and yes, that includes racers as well.

SILVERBACK offers over 25 features that traditional carb technologies don’t offer. See our “US vs. THEM” statistics for more details in that area. Each one of these features has added value, as well as costs to this unique design. We could have cut corners and features to cut costs, but then we would have been cheating you of its true potential. “Our goal” was to provide the best that money could buy!

These carbs are individually custom machined from hi-quality billet blocks of 6061 T-6 aluminum and expensive Delrin. The movable slide is machined from 7075 billet and is hard anodized for superior wear and also Teflon impregnated to provide a slippery surface tension. Quality, quality and much more quality! It was very high on our list!

The external areas of the SILVERBACK carb may look hot and sexy, but it’s really the internals weir all the “scientific action is working its magic”. Most of these custom billet aluminum blocks have over 180+ machining operations per part, and most are done with a 5 axis machining center. Any top notch machinist will understand, that to deliver that kind of detailed operations and superb quality, along with the max workload of operations per part, is very time consuming and also very expensive. It’s also what makes it so incredible in its design.

For you non machinists, a 5 axis milling machine is by far the most expensive machine in the machine shop world, and costs almost double on the rate per hr. as well.

We top it off with a hi-quality anodize and laser engraving to provide an outstanding looking carb. We finalize it with many expensive external detented stainless steel adjusters to make your life simple in the tuning department. We also provide you with “extra” tuning jets and parts, and we also include the expensive machined Delrin 1” spacer manifold as well, that is designed to help with heat resistance. On top of that we supply you with a total of 4 throttle return springs to provide you the perfect foot pedal feel for your maximum driving pleasure. Take your choice from super soft-soft-medium and hard. These are the little details that put the finishing touches on a awesome intake system!

This unique “SEMA” award winning “2015 Performance Racing Product of the Year” and “Runner-up in Best Engineering” were based on a variety of factors, like Quality, Marketability, Innovation, Costs, Technology, and Consumer Appeal. The SEMA judges are recognized by the automotive industry as experts in their fields, and we had to compete with over 2000 new products entries for these awards.

We thank the SEMA judges for recognizing all the attributes that this new technology and quality brings to market, and what it offers in the induction world for maximizing its performance capabilities. Remember these famous words “What is Cheap, is not Good” and “What is Good, is not Cheap”. Once again, a motto we live by!

WE truly felt it was compelling to bring the automotive induction tract out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.

We sincerely hope you appreciate our contribution to a whole new world of excitement and fun… Please Enjoy!

12) What makes the SILVERBACK “SPI” system unique? (Superior Pressurized Induction)

The reason we call it the “SPI” System is because we provide “Mother Earth” (pressure) the ability to maximize her potential to push more air down through our superior-shaped “QUAD-RAM” air cleaner design.

Most everyone can agree that putting a velocity stack in front of a carb will increase its efficiency to move more air effectively, and ultimately make more power!

Conventional air cleaner designs provide little to no shaping of the air molecules that are rushing thru them, which leaves a very disruptive flow, especially with speeds of a tornado in the intake track at WOT. It’s like everything in life, if you don’t have control, you’re out of control. Seriously, your intake is no different.

The importance of the air cleaner tract is all about taking control of high-speed air, prior to the leading edge of the carb, which ultimately maximizes its overall efficiency, providing “Superior Pressurized Induction” throughout the carb and manifold areas. SILVERBACK nick named it the “SPI” System!

So let’s now get serious, why are race engines near 100% efficient, and stock engines are considered about 80-85% efficient? It’s because the engine builder has taken the time to buy expensive high quality good-flowing parts that are designed for maximum efficiency, and or modified them to be.

These performance gains in efficiency are made through knowledge, trial and error, quality test equipment, flow benches, dynos, field testing, testing, and more testing.

Race engines are more powerful because airflow is maximized in all areas of flow. Shaping is sometimes more valuable than just mass volume that is out of control. Anytime air is forced to change direction quickly, bounce off something flat or that’s badly shaped, it will lose some of its kinetic energy. Unfortunately, once that energy is lost, it’s lost for good! Shaping is key, that’s why we spent so much effort in taking control of it. We take control of it immediately after it passes through the air cleaner element, before that energy is being wasted in any way, shape or form.

The SILVERBACK low-profile air cleaner housing is designed to take complete control of the air, in all areas of the housing. We ideally shape it to maximize its strength, then force the high speed air down the 2 twin-tapered velocity stacks, hence the “QUAD-RAM” into the venturi of the carb. Our “center divider” works both the bottom and top areas of the air cleaner housing. Our upper “Flying Saucer” works well with our “curved upper cover plate” to maximize the upper boundry layer, and to direct that flow to the central region of the carb throat.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s all about maximizing every potential area of the induction tract. More efficiency means improved throttle response, more power, and better mileage as well.

SILVERBACK’s specialty air cleaner housing is a custom spun aluminum design that was designed to fit as low as low can get, to ultimately fit under all low-profile street hoods.

The complete SILVERBACK “SPI” air cleaner system includes our low-profile lower aluminum housing, our curved aluminum top cover plate, our “center divider” inside the housing, a high quality K&N filter and hardware kit. The billet “flying saucer” is spring loaded to fit snug to the top cover on the center 5/16 by 18 pitch threaded stud, and is sold separately as well.

Our complete kit with the “SPI” air cleaner system, the SILVERBACK kick-ass carb and the 1” manifold spacer has a total height of (6”) from the top of your manifold gasket area to the very top of the air cleaner, which should ultimately fit about 98% of low-pro applications.

This custom hi-flow spun aluminum air cleaners “will replace” all low profile old-school Edelbrock and Holley air cleaner kits. The “SPI” air cleaner can be anodized to your choice of colors and laser engraved as well, or if you’re into chrome, we can have it chromed with a very high quality vendor friend of ours from Cali.

These are hi-end “performance replacement” systems, not designed to complete with the cheap stamped Auto-Zone replacements from across the ocean. This SILVERBACK air cleaner kit will bolt to most common 5 1/8” carb designs and maximize your old-school carbs potential.

We can provide top of the line systems in 3”, 4” and 5” air cleaner heights. When you want the best in Performance, Innovation, Efficiency, and Quality all wrapped up in one unique design, please choose SILVERBACK CARBS.

13) What is the “valve” mechanism hanging below the manifold in some of our designs?

This is a custom designed device used in “specialty applications” that use a open plenum manifold in lower profile designs that have a large flat spot 3-5” under the carb. The theory of high speed airflow crashing into a flat surface is not a very ideal situation for power or efficiency. You can assume that there is a major loss of “kinetic energy” in most low profile intake manifolds for street rods, hence the SILVERBACK “Air Speed Enhancer” or nick named “ASE”.

In lay mans terms, I will try to help you understand how much loss are in these low-profile intakes. There are reasons all race motors have high-rise intake manifolds, obviously to get rid of that power-robbing “flat spot”.

So let’s describe it this way! Let’s take a short climb up a kid’s 15’ slide and drop a softball (we’ll consider the softball to be a large air molecule) down the slide and watch it “accelerate” off the bottom of the slide. Now let’s take that same softball, and drop it over the edge from 15’ up and it lands on the concrete below. Not surprisingly to anyone, it stops real fast, basically lost all of its kinetic energy on that “flat spot”.

SILVERBACK decided to find a solution to all that lost energy, instead of decelerating it, we would find a way to re-accelerate that wasted energy, and turn it from a negative loss, to a positive gain!

So we developed the “ASE” system to provide a simple solution, to a long term problem. Then we got even more creative with the design and added a few cool features to it as well. We need adjustability for the different heights available with all these different manifold designs. So we added a threaded adjustable shaft that has around 1.5” of travel in it’s up and down adjustment feature.

Here is another very important performance and efficiency feature! We are also using the valve as an air speed multiplier to enhance the low speed air flow for maximum velocity. Low speed velocity improvements mean improved throttle response and better fuel mileage. Improved high speed flow means POWER and RPM. Now, you got the best of both worlds with SILVERBACK’s new “Air Speed Enhancer”.

We accomplish this with an internal spring loaded device that is intake “pressure sensitive”. It will allow the valve to rise to the top of its stroke at idle, optimize low speed air to its highest velocity, while directing air speeding towards the heads with a maximum value rating.

Now, as you open the throttle further, it senses pressure change and the valve moves down out of the way based on air speed in the intake track. At this point, it is now at the bottom of its stroke to provide maximum volume of re-accelerated air off the valve, which ultimately re-shapes it towards the heads as well, which provides maximum POWER capabilities. Impressive!

Lets’ take this thought one step further! Why have dual plane/split manifold designs become so prevalent in low profile street rods?

Most everyone contends that “you get” better throttle response and more low-end power, and consequently, “you will sacrifice” top-end power and RPM. It’s a trade off in design. There is a reason that this problem is an issue, and most are willing to “sacrifice” top power to have better drivability and tuning on the bottom end, so accordingly, they have turned predominantly to the split manifold designs on the street.

The split manifolds designs have smaller overall volumes and runners to help maintain some air speed, so that the super heavy fuel (piss) that conventional carbs spit out doesn’t fall out of suspension during its travel. So you have been forced to live with these designs limitations.

Well, now you can have you cake and eat it too! With our new “ASE” designed system, you can truly liven up your open plenum designs from bottom to top. Secondly, you may have forgotten that the SILVERBACK carb provides far superior fuel vaporization as well, and better than some fuel injection systems. Remember this, a vapor stays airborne and travels much quicker down your intake for a much improved throttle response and doesn’t wet your runners. For instance, spit out in front of you and watch it fall out of suspension quite fast. Now blow some kids bubbles and watch them float, now blow at them and watch them haul ass. So now you can picture what’s happening in your intake tract!

With the new SILVERBACK designed manifold enhancer options and their super vaporized carbs, you now have the consideration to go back to your open plenum manifolds, and have the ultimate street performance on top, with decent drivability around town as well. Splendid!

Thanks for considering joining Team SILVERBACK
We hope to please your wildest dreams!